Using xo|one is completely intuitive. Using an iPad® or iPhone®, you can simply surf through cover, genre and performer information in your archive, create playlists and play the music that you are in the mood for at that moment. You will experience your music in a whole new way.

Of course, xo|one not only plays high resolution music up to 24bit / 192kHz, but also helps you to find new tunes. Use the iPad® app to browse through the offers of HIGHRESAUDIO® and download music directly to your xo|one! 


The xo|one can store your entire CD collection, and it's really easy to do. Place the CD in the drive and after a few minutes you will find a precise copy on the internal SSD of xo|one. What’s more, your music will be catalogued automatically. The xo|one is therefore better than a CD player, as reading errors are minimised when importing the CD, which means there is no need for error correction while replaying a track. What’s more, CDs only have a limited service life, which is however made irrelevant by storing the content on the hard drive of the xo|one in a future-proof and loss-free format.

As a DLNA server, the xo|one makes the music available throughout the entire house via the local network. To keep the risk of losing music on the xo|one as low as possible, a very easy-to-use backup solution has been integrated, and we offer an appropriate external hard drive for this.


Simply enjoy the music!